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Help Us Help Others
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Friday, May 25, 2012

Are we really talking about transitive verbs?

Good morning, I pray that the day is finding you well.   We had our celebrity basketball game last night.   The event was awesome, truly amazing; in fact, it went off without a hitch.  I hear that term a lot, “It went off without a hitch.”  It makes me wonder what a hitch is?  I know of the component of a truck or tractor that is used to couple trailers to them, I know that they are called hitches.  I looked up the word “hitch” in the dictionary.  It said that a hitch is to move by jerks or with a tug.  The dictionary also mentioned that the word “hitch” is a transitive verb, which is a verb that requires both a direct object and one or more objects; the definition goes on to say that, the term is used to contrast intransitive verbs, which do not have objects, duh.  The definition actually did not have duh in it, but it should have.   Moving is the opposite of standing still.   Light is the opposite of darkness   Organic is the opposite of inorganic, which is another topic all together.   Now I know why old cowboys say, “I’ve got a hitch in my git-along.”  I guess that is easier to say than, “I am moving by jerks and tugs.”   As I was saying, the event was a success and everyone had a great time.  We raised more money so that we can scholarship more kids, which means we will teach more kids to swim, play sports, get active, become healthy.    During this process of getting healthy, we will teach them other verbs, verbs that normally we would associate as nouns.  We will teach them that Love is a verb.  We will teach them that Respect is a verb.  We will teach them that Honesty is a verb.  We will teach them that Responsibility is a verb.  We will teach them that Service is a verb.    We will teach them how Christ took these nouns, put them into action, and changed the world.   We really try to do this.    I know that I try to do this.    Sometimes it does not always go as smoothly as it could; it is as if I have a hitch in my walk with Christ.  Sometimes it feels as if I am walking with Him by jerks and tugs.  I guess at times I am a transitive verb.  I think that I would rather be a transitive verb than an intransitive verb.  It would be rather silly to be in motion with no object to be in motion about, wouldn’t it?   Life with Christ is a marathon not a sprint.    Sometimes our walk with Him seems easy, sometimes we need Him to be there and tug us along.  As we go through the day, let us never forget that we are not alone.  Christ is right there with us to help us when we need help; to hold us when we need to be held.  As Christ puts people in front of us, let us be a positive in their lives; show His love to others as He has shown His love to us.   Blessings,     Roger Chaplain  

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