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Help Us Help Others
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Friday, June 14, 2013

Reunions, family and Christ

Good morning,
I pray the day is finding you well.

Today starts the festivities for the class reunions in my home town of St. Francis.

I wish that I could be there, but I am not able to attend this year.

St. Francis is not only celebrating the reunion of the kids that grew up and graduated from St. Francis high school, St. Francis is also celebrating its 125 years of existence.

It has occurred to me, as I go through life and grow older, that St. Francis reunions are different. Just like every other school St. Francis has its "honored classes." But unlike other high school reunions, "honored classes" are celebrated by every class. What do I mean by this? What I am saying is this; my sister Katie's class is celebrating their 35 year reunion, but the classes surrounding Katie's class will be there too. I also know that the other "honored classes" will be joined by the classes surrounding their class.

It is as if the St. Francis reunion is actually a family reunion. We all grew up together, went through the trials and tribulations of finding our way in our young lives together. We were hurt by people, we hurt other people, as we struggled with our growing years. But in the end we still cared very deeply for one another, and it shows by the simple act of coming together.

We come together to mourn the lose of those who have gone before us, telling stories of times gone by.

We come together to rejoice in each others blessings.

We come together to sit and listen to those who need a loving ear.

St. Francis reunions remind all of us of the importance of family, and relationship.

When I think about St. Francis reunions, I cannot help but think about Christ and my walk with Him.

If I am to be honest, there are times when He slips my mind.

There are times when my thoughts are not on Him.

When I realize that I am not being in relationship with Him, I realize how much I miss Him and run to Him. Then I sit with Him and He gives me a loving ear. He mourns with me. He rejoices with me.

He reminds me to be His hands and feet.

My prayer for today is that everyone back in St. Francis has traveled safely. That everyone back in St. Francis spends their time well, and are actively present to the person in front of them. Show each other the love, respect, honesty, responsibility and service that not only you would like to receive, but that Christ commands us to give one another. Be His hands and feet. That I be His hands and feet.


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