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Help Us Help Others
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Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall has officially arrived at my house by the river.

Good morning,
I pray the day is finding you well.

Fall has officially arrived at my house by the river.

The salmon are migrating up to where they will lay their eggs.

The trees are turning various shades of yellow, red, brown, and gold.

The days are warm, the nights are cold, and the mornings are brisk.

As I sat in my chair, out by the river, the mist hung in the trees. A squirrel was running through the branches getting the last of its stash into place for the oncoming winter.

There is no noise.

Well there is noise, but not man-made noise.

I listen to the river run.

I listen to squirrel running through the branches.

I listen for God.

So often, in the busyness of our days we are surrounded by other noises.
Cell phones going off.

Printers printing.

People vying for our attention.

The noise of the day can, if we will let it, drowned out the sound of God speaking to us.

God may speck in a booming voice.

God may speak loudly.

God may speak to us in a whisper, coming to us in a gentle breeze.

Are we in a place that will allow us to hear what God is saying to us?

Lord, please be patient with me. I know that I am like a child, distracted by the things that I can see. By the things that are right in front of me now. Please keep talking; please do not go silent simply because I am not paying attention. Father, I ask for your help. Help me to pay attention to the things You would have me do. Give me ears to hear. Amen.


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