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Help Us Help Others
Chaplaincy Clark County

Saturday, December 28, 2013

I received a call from a distressed father

Good morning,
I pray the day has found you well.

I received a call this morning from a distressed father.

His adult son is a heroin addict.

The dad was beside himself.

He wanted to help his son but did not know what to do. He had spent most of what he had on counselors to no avail. As I listened to this man my heart began to break. I really did not have any real answers for him. There are no magic bullets to these kind of things. I was able to get him in touch with a rehab center that works it's billing on a sliding scale. He said, "what if I can't get my son to go?" I explained that there are no guarantees and that I cannot promise anything. The father explained how his son was arrested but was released after the heroin wore off and that the police had no answers other than arresting his son again when he reoffends.

We talked for a long time.

Actually he talked and I listened.

I did give him information on narcotics anonymous, a group that helps addicts and their families much the same way that AA does. At the end of the call I prayed with him and told him that I am available and will walk with him through this season of life.

Lord, I come to you now for this fathers son. I ask that you take this addiction from him. I ask that you put people in front of him that will help him along the way. I also ask that you make yourself known to this father in such a way that he cannot deny that it is you. Please give him peace, wisdom, discernment, courage, endurance and hope, especially hope as he goes through this dark night. I also ask that you continue to provide with Your words as I work with this family. Amen

God is amazing, you never know when He will place a sick person, a person who has lost hope in front of you. When He does, He is giving you an opportunity.

Don't miss an opportunity.

Have eyes to see, ears to hear, remember what Christ said.

‘I’m telling the solemn truth: Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me.’


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