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Saturday, July 16, 2016

We both fell at the same time

Good morning,
I pray the day finds you well.

That's right Chuck and I made it to Twin Falls Idaho!

It was a short jaunt, a quick 500 miles.

I started the day saying goodbye to the river by my house. I gave Abe a pet, then gave Laurie a hug and a kiss. I told her I loved her and missed her already, then rode away.

We traveled highway 14 down the Gorge, or is it up? I'm never quite sure. Had breakfast in Bingen, went over the Biggs junction Bridge, I always wonder why places get their names, I will have to look that up one of these days. Then rode I-84 all the way to Twin Falls.

I spent the day contemplating the Ignatius prayer of examen. The prayer goes something like this, "Lord show me where I have loved today, show me where I failed to love."

The best thing about the ride is I spend my days alone with God and every evening Chuck and I share what He showed us that day.

As I listened to my Father gently show me ways I could do a better job loving, while at the same time giving me praise for the love I did well. I started to think about our Child Watch department and how they spend their days loving kids. Just like the rest of us they have their personal problems, some more than others. Many have the problem of trying to live on minimum wage. None of this matters when they are with the kids, their focus is on loving them. They know that the time the kids spend with them may be the only time they are shown unconditional love. They do a great job. A person could learn a lot about loving just by being with them in Child Watch.

The person in charge of them is Allyce. It is her leadership and teachings that make them who they are. Allyce could be anywhere but she is at the YMCA. It is her passion, her mission.

Her whole team is on the "transformation Team," I will talk more about that later, but it is pretty cool.

As I wander down the rode of life I am glad that I know a person like Allyce. She makes us all try a bit harder.

Thank you Allyce for all you do.


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  1. Biggs is a station on the Union Pacific Railroad at what was once a junction with the UP's Grass Valley line to Kent that has since been abandoned. Biggs was named for a nearby landowner, W. H. Biggs, who settled in Sherman County in 1880. W. H. Biggs was born on May 12, 1831; he was from Ohio.The rail line was originally owned by the Oregon Railway and Navigation Company. In 1885 the OR&N station at Biggs was called Spanish Hollow, after the canyon that opens on the river there. The canyon was said to be named because a Spanish ox died there in the days of the Oregon Trail, which runs parallel to U.S. Biggs is where travelers on the Oregon Trail would first see the Columbia River after their overland journey. The current community of Biggs Junction was named for the station, which is less than a mile west of the current junction, and its location at the intersection of I-84 and U.S. Biggs post office was established in 1884 and closed in 1954.