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Saturday, May 26, 2012

This old house

good morning, I pray that the day is finding you well. I awoke extra late this morning, I slept hard. The house that Laurie and I live in is conducive to relaxing, contemplating, and sleeping. It is an old house that someone love for a lifetime, grew old, eventually left the house to live in an assisted community and eventually died. The house has sat vacant for a number of years. There was no one to live in it and it too started to feel its age. It is in the country, next to a river, and does not have the noise that one typically associates with living in town; it is not silent though. There is the sound of the river that flows past our house, there is the sound of the breeze that rustles the leaves in the trees, there are the sounds of the birds talking. Ducks can be seen swimming along the river's banks. There are even the sounds of something living in our walls. The first time I looked at the house I thought, "nice location but it needs a lot of TLC." Laurie saw the house and thought, "This is home." As we discussed the house, I would tell her all the things wrong with the house, and she would tell me, "Look at all the possibilities." During our "house hunting" experience we looked at over 60 homes. During our house hunting experience we kept coming back to this house. To be honest, at first I was just placating Laurie. I would agree to come look at the river house because it made her happy to look at it. Over time, I started to catch her vision for the house. Over time, I too began to see "all the possibilities." I could see the houses potential. This morning, I am sitting in the house talking with you. As I contemplate this house, I am thinking about Christ, I am thinking about Satan. Satan, would be the one who would look at me and tell Christ, "Look at that old guy. He is broken, he is a mess. He is not worth the time it would take to fix him up and make him whole and strong and healthy." Christ would say, "Look at all the possibilities." As I think about this, I realize that I had the mindset of Satan regarding this house; Laurie had the mindset of Christ. Satan likes to look at all the negative things in the world and point them out. Christ, while never being blind to the things that are broken still has the ability to see the potential, the possibilities, the goodness that people have in them, no matter how hidden this goodness is. Satan likes to create noise. Christ likes to create tranquility. I am so glad the Christ was not afraid of the things that were living in my walls. I am so glad the He took the time to work on my house. I am so glad that He looks at my house as a project, a work in progress. I am so glad that Christ loves me and wants to live in me. Christ loves you too. Christ likes to live in you. Satan likes to keep things vacant, alone, unloved and delapitated. What kind of house would you like to be? Blessings,

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