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Friday, July 20, 2012

Saving us from honeybucket lives

Good morning, I pray the day is finding you well. Chuck and I are in Flagstaff Arizona. We have seen many wonderful sights and have experienced many wonderful things. One thing that I have noticed is that there are a lot, and I mean a lot, of RV's running around. We see many of them on the road and when we camp, Chuck and I like to camp at KOA's, They have laundry mats, showers, and bathrooms; things that seem to become important the farther you get from home. We noticed that there were a lot of RV's in the camp grounds. Actually we noticed a lot of RV rentals. You can always tell the rentals; for one thing they are clean, the other thing is that they have a big picture of something, which I guess is better than a big picture of nothing, which I guess would amount to a white trailer wall. Maybe that is what the other RV's have, a big picture of nothing. We saw so many rentals that we started talking about getting into the RV rental business. One thing that we did notice was that many of the Rv spots smelled really bad. Really bad in a sewage sort of way. We would watch an RV drive up, park, and then someone would get out and start dragging a hose a around, a big hose, a corrugated hose, and then stick it in the ground. I bet you can figure out what the other end was connected to. Chuck and I tried to think of a good name to call our RV rental company. Then after a curiously bad waft of air, it just came to me. I said, "Let's call it Honeybucket RV rentals." We decided that Honeybucket RV rentals probably would not be a good marketing strategy and decided not to go into that business at all. Thinking about it was giving me a headache. Just like when we were trying to invent travel mugs 30 some years ago. In the morning the RV's started to leave, and we would watch them go and say, "There goes another Honeybucket RV. I started thinking about that. Here were all these people driving down the road and they all had bathrooms in them complete with storage tanks. A mobile honeybucket. I started to think a little more deeply. I started to think how our motorcycles do not allow us to take any unnecessary garbage with us. We are forced to carry the bare essentials. Well exterior garbage anyway. We still have more than enough room to carry our own internal, personal garbage. In a metaphorical sense we are our own mobile honeybuckets. Then my thoughts turned to Christ and how he can cleanse us of all our personal garbage, if we would just allow Him to. How he can make us clean as a baby. In Christ we are new creations, the old is gone the new has come. 2 Cor. 5:17. I think I will let Christ do what He does best, will you. Blessings,

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