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Help Us Help Others
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Friday, August 9, 2013

We have family in town

Good morning,
I pray the day is finding you well.

We have family in town.

It has been a busy week.

At the "Y" we have been cleaning out spaces and moving offices in preparation for the renovation and remodel. I am beginning to think we could be on an episode of "The hoarders, buried alive." We are finding things tucked away in closets that we did not even know existed. We will be fresh and new. We will be fresh and new until we need to clean out again and find that we have hoarded again.

Our workday goes on as usual, I would say normal but that would imply that we have normal days. Anyone who has ever worked in the "Y" knows that YMCA's do not have normal days. The work day goes on as usual. In between our usual work, we clean and move.

We have family in town.

One of the things that I do as a chaplain is visit our camp. We have a beautiful YMCA camp located on the Sandy river.

Camp Collins is a magical place. A place where magic happens and friends last forever. They have a sign when you enter it reads, "please drive slowly, future leaders at play."

I visit the camp and check in with staff and volunteers. Making myself available to them.

We have family in town.

I took my family with me to Camp Collins, I would be there until 9:30pm and would not arrive back home until well after 10pm. We got to camp and checked in at the office. Zumi (everyone has camp names) is just leaving for the evening. I see how she is doing and get a prayer request. Zumi leaves and we continue into camp.

Even before you see any kids you can hear laughter. It is obvious the kids are having a great time.

We walk into the dining hall, dinner has just ended, the kids are cleaning up. Even during cleanup the kids are having fun. Spandex is supervising the cleanup, she sees me and comes up to talk, everything is good in her world, she wanted to tell that.

Bambam, Blitz, and Pike are getting everything ready for campfire.

Campfire is where the whole camp congregates in front of the outdoor stage with a campfire.

My good friend Michael McGinnis is there. Michael is an amazing guy. He is a gifted musician and singer. This is going to be an extra special night.

Campfire is full of singing, play acting and fellowship.

Campfire ends around 9:30pm and we leave after a series of goodbyes, God bless you's and what-not's.

The ride home was filled with excited conversation about camp, Michael (my sister remembers Michael from when he was a music star), and how God showed up that evening.

I am glad we have family in town.

So often we try to segregate our lives. We separate work from home. Friends from other friends. Home from the outside world.

It is good to have space, we call this healthy boundaries. I am not talking about healthy boundaries in this case. I am talking about sharing your world with others.

Jesus had healthy boundaries. He also shared his world with those around Him. In fact, He continues to share Himself with all of us.

I am glad we have family in town.

We also have family at camp.

If I am to be His hands and feet I must learn to share.

Father, give me the courage to share. Give me your eyes Lord. Give me Your heart. Give me the words so that I may share You with others. Amen.


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